Basics of Biomechanics #1: analyzing time

Welcome to Basics of Biomechanics, a series of blog posts covering foundational topics in the field using practical, data-driven examples. In this first post we look at the importance of knowing exactly where you are in your data timeline. Biomechanical analysis involves the interpretation of time-varying signals measured during a physical activity of interest. Therefore,Continue reading “Basics of Biomechanics #1: analyzing time”

Announcing the South African Society of Biomechanics

Since 2017, the Biomechanics Interest Group has engaged with South African researchers, students, practitioners and industry partners who have an interest in biomechanics. It is clear that the field is active and growing, and the enthusiastic and positive contributions to our past events have demonstrated the value of a collaborative network. We received feedback fromContinue reading “Announcing the South African Society of Biomechanics”


This year has been disruptive for us all, and the BIG is no exception. Nevertheless, despite having to cancel the plans for our usual annual meeting in 2020, we do have some exciting updates to share with you all. Firstly, the BIG leadership team has expanded! We would like to officially welcome Dr Yumna AlbertusContinue reading “Update”

EMG workshop for practitioners and researchers

Noraxon USA will be hosting a half day workshop for those interested in learning about the science and application of surface electromyography (EMG) to assess muscle activation. Workshop attendees will learn the fundamentals necessary to get started using EMG in clinical scenarios, sport training, or research investigations. Hands on practice will be provided so attendeesContinue reading “EMG workshop for practitioners and researchers”


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