Meet the Team

Find out more about the team working behind-the-scenes at SASB

Helen Bayne


Helen holds a doctoral degree in sports biomechanics from the University of Western Australia and is currently a senior lecturer and sport scientist at the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on the development of physical capacity and movement patterns to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risk. Working in the field alongside her academic career, she is a consultant to Cricket South Africa and the International Cricket Council, and has provided specialist services to elite athletes in a variety of sports, with a particular focus on cricket bowling and sprinting.

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John Cockcroft


John holds a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering from Stellenbosch University and has over ten years of laboratory experience capturing, processing and analyzing biomechanical data. At the Stellenbosch University Neuromechanics Unit, he leads a multidisciplinary team that develops and delivers custom biomechanics solutions for research and industry clients in healthcare, sport and engineering. He also works as a biomechanics consultant with several international companies to develop their commercial products.

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Yumna Albertus

Events and Education

Yumna’s research focus is on neuromuscular physiology, where she is the lead researcher investigating the neuromuscular effects of exercise rehabilitation in various conditions at the University of Cape Town. Her research experience includes rehabilitation using robotic over-ground walking in spinal cord injury, exercise-based rehabilitation in cardiovascular disease, elite para-athletes with Cerebral Palsy, and injury risk in running using different shoe conditions. She is involved in ongoing studies that use innovative technology to monitor longitudinal changes in neuromuscular function.

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Mark Kramer

Secretary and Communications

Mark holds a PhD in exercise physiology from Nelson Mandela University and is currently a senior lecturer at North West University. His research areas span both biomechanics and exercise physiology with applications across clinical and sporting domains. He has collaborated nationally and internationally and consults regularly with practitioners with the aim of translating research into practice.

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Duncan Sutcliffe

Student Representative

Duncan is a lecturer in Human Movement Science at North-West University. He is currently busy with his PhD, studying the effect of a force-velocity-power based intervention on the cardiometabolic profiles and match performances of male soccer players. His research spans across the biomechanics and performance analysis spheres with a focus on improving performance in various sporting codes. Outside of academics, he has also worked in corporate environments with the aim of improving productivity and health through ergonomics and body posture correction.

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